# 149, Acrylic painting on a gallerary wrapped canvas, thick edge, 20"x20".

(This piece is actually very gentle in tones, not at all neon. Depending on your device settings will display the colours differently).


This is the first of many paintings I will be crafting for "This is Heaven" series. 2021 is the year I'm focusing on celebrating all that heaven is, and pointing yearning hearts heavenward. Heaven is not only a place however, it's a person. Heaven wouldn't be heaven without God's presence and character permeating every inch of it. The hope and promise of going home to our Father in Heaven compels us gladly to live for Christ's commission to seek His kingdom. The kingdom of heaven is a spiritual kingdom after all, that is at work on earth right now, and each breath we are given we play a part for heaven's gain.


This first painting I chose to focus on the characteristic of peace. Read more in depth about peace with God and the fruit of peace in our lives in my blog post "Peace Like A River".