• Paris Krahn

Breath of God Collection

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

You will show me the way of life,

    granting me the joy of your presence

    and the pleasures of living with you forever.

Psalms 16:11 NLT 

In the beginning God created and breathed life into existence. By using cloud and fog, I wanted to show in a visual way that God is still both near, at work, and calling us closer to fellowship with Him today.

Return to Me..

God is in pursuit of us, but He also knows He can't make us love Him or ask for our broken relationship to be mended between us and Him. The truth of the story is, God has never left us, but we have abandoned and fled His presence from the very beginning (Genesis 3). It's in our nature to push God away (Romans 5:12, Galatians 5:17). However, because of God's nature to love us unconditionally and His heart to have a relationship with us (1 John 3:1), God sent His Son to redeem us from becoming completely separated from His presence (Romans 6:23) that we are all meant to know and live in forever (John 3:16, John 14:2), by paying for our sins Himself on a cross (Romans 5:8). He offers us forgiveness through Christ to make our relationship whole again. Just like the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32), if we humble ourselves and return home to Him, we will find Him waiting with joyous welcoming arms, so we can begin again and fellowship with Him once more.

Who is He?

God wants us to approach Him with confidence, and one of the ways He breaks down barriers is in the revealing of His names. Some of us carry names with meaning or sentiment behind them, but God introduces Himself with names titled as character qualities to help us better understand just who He is and His heart towards us. What's more interesting is in The Bible He reveals portions of Himself only as the story of humanity unfolds, almost like a developing friendship would as it matures.

Woven throughout the Bible, He is called (focusing mainly on His relationship qualities):

"Elohim: All powerful, Sustainer, Creator, and Judge" (Gen.1:1),"El Roi: The God who sees" (Gen.16:13-14), "Jealous" (Ex.20:5), "My Rock" (Ps.18:31, 62:7), "My Light and Salvation" (Ps.27:1), "My King" (Ps.74:12), "My Refuge and Shield" (Ps.119:114), "My Physician" (Ps.147:3, Mat.9:12), "Brother" (Prov.17:17), "My Beloved and Friend" (Song of Sol.5:16), "The Father" (Isa.9:6, 1 Cor.8:6), "Forsaken and Betrayed" (Isa.53, Mat.27), "The Hope" (Joel 3:12-16, 1 Tim.1:1), "Emmanuel: God With Us" (Mat.1:23), "A Friend of Sinners" (Mat.11:19), "My Healer" (Luke 9:11), "The Word made flesh" (John 1:14), "My Teacher" (John 3:2), "The Shepherd" (John 10:11, Heb.13:20, 1 Pet.5:4), "The Resurrection" (John 11:25), "The Comforter" (John 14:26), "A Servant" (Luke 12:37, Phil.2:7-8), "My Redeemer" (1 Cor.1:30), "The Head of The Church" (Eph.1:22, Col.2:10), "My Peace" (Eph.2:14), "The Mediator" (1 Tim.2:5), "The Great High Priest" (Heb.4:14), "The Intercessor" (Heb.7:25), "My Helper" (Heb.13:6), "The Life" (1 John 1:2), "Jesus Christ our Lord" (Rom.5:21, Rev. 1:5).... (*see footnote)