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World Changers

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Before I became a full time artist, I was pursuing working in the church, possibly overseas. Though, I wasn't entirely sure where God was taking me, one of the few things God continued to speak over me, was caring for women and children caught in the sex trafficking industry.

The first time I found out this was a real issue in the world, I felt God sowing a deep rooted passion within me, one I couldn't shake. When I became a mother, this passion grew stronger, because now more than ever, I saw every person as a precious child.

When God called me to paint, as a stay at home mom, I thought all my ministry training and passion to save victims was no longer useful or possible. At first, I didn't put two and two together that God was turning my art business into a world changer. I had this deep longing for meaning in my work, and after much prayer, He spoke to me by pointing me back to this people I cared so much about.

That was when I knew my art was more than just mere decoration or even a little income, but a God given calling filled with purpose.

I didn't want to share this at first, in fear of uplifting myself. However, I am not sharing this to look good, but to authentically show you what I deeply care about, the reason I paint, and inform people how they can make a difference in the lives of victims too. I have put it in my heart that a portion of the profits from all my work gives to organizations actively fighting sex trafficking.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can be a world changer and make a difference in victims lives, I firstly suggest getting informed and looking up local organizations you can support. Here is a short list of organizations I personally love and found both insightful and active in their work:

Exodus Cry

AIM (Cambodia)

Hookers for Jesus, (Las Vagas)

Defending Dignity, (Canada)

Hope Restored Canada

"Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy"

Proverbs 31:8-9

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