Custom Canvas Paintings

Ordering a custom painting can be as simple or detailed as you like!

 Begin a custom order 

I am so excited that you have chosen to order a custom painting from me! Use this form to start the conversation! Scroll down to see what I need to know most from you. I'll message you back with details. 

What size and shape do you want the canvas to be? 
You can generalize if you're unsure OR  you can measure the space you want to fill and I can help you choose a size. Depending on the size of canvas you choose will depend on the price of the painting. See the master list of canvas sizes and prices below.

Think about the orientation of your painting. Do you want the painting to sit vertically or horizontally?




 What do you want me to paint?
The things I like to paint are landscapes, skies, plants, flowers, or just abstract. I love to paint things that flow, with a heavy amount of free handed brush strokes creating that abstract effect. 

What colours do you want me to use? 

Maybe this painting is going in your specifically decorated space, and you want it to feel coordinated. Or perhaps you have a few favourite colours that make you really happy. I can work with any colour choices! 


The great thing about custom paintings is it can be anything you want it to be. Sometimes I'll change the colour of the sky in a landscape painting from daytime to sunset colours. Sometimes I'll change Maybe you want something more vibrant than the original photo, or maybe just the opposite. Whatever you wish this piece to be, I'll make it just how you want.


After you've sent off the order form, I will get in touch with you to ensure I've received your message and work out any other details via email. Though it's not required, some may choose to send pictures of their space or a picture they want me to imitate in my style. If you want to send me pictures, you will be able to send them to me once an email conversation has started. 
We can also communicate via social media if that is easier!

After you've chosen a canvas size and I know what to paint, I will then set up a mocked up product on my store page, with your name on it, so you may complete your order with me. That is where I'll take your shipping information.

Canvas Sizes + Pricing

Even larger portions are being put towards organizations fighting modern day slavery known as the sex trade industry. Every effort helps dismantle demand for women and children being taken and used, saves lives, and helps victims heal once saved. Thank you for joining along with me to be a world changer.

My prices recently changed, which means bigger impact.

I use a formula that helps me consistently price my work based on the size of the painting. If you are looking for a particular size for a commissioned piece, here is the master price list to help you decide on what will work best for your space. 


Please Note: These prices do not include shipping costs.

4 x 4" = $55

5 x 5"  = $70

5 x 7"  = $85

8 x 10" = $125

10 x 10" = $140

9 x 12"   = $150

12 x 12"   = $170

11 x 14" = $175

12 x 16"  = $195

10 x 20"   = $210

12 x 24"   = $250

16 x 20"  = $250

20 x 20"   = $280

18 x 24"   = $295

20 x 24"   = $265

15 x 30"   = $270

24 x 24"   = $290

24 x 30"   = $380

24 X 36"  = $420

16 x 40"   = $390

30 x 40"   = $490

36 x 36"   = $505

24 x 48"   = $505

30 x 48"   = $545

36 x 48"   = $590

48 x 48"   = $670

48 x 60"   = $755

All canvases are a thick edge 'Gallery Wrapped' style, however you can request a smaller edge (same quality) for some sizes, which doesn't affect the price.

Then the fun part happens!


I will start to work on your special piece!


See "When will I receive my painting?" for shipping related questions in my FAQ page.


If you have any other questions that are not covered here or on my FAQ page, just ask me by using the custom order form.