About me

I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and I operate out of my living room. As of late, I'm inspired by windswept abstract movements and vibrant tones. I'm working on adding illustrated artwork to my shop and writing more about what God is teaching me on this journey.


I've been painting since I was a child, and only achieved a high school level in art education. I spent three years in Bible Colleges with the hopes of one day serving in the church. When I had my baby in August of 2017 I decided to not go into the workforce, but stay home and start my small art business. Being a mom is one of the happiest things that has ever happened to me, along with marrying my forever best friend, but sharing my love for Jesus through art for a living is definitely a dream come true too.


As a Christian, my faith is a big part of my artistic process. Every painting is saturated with prayer and my hope that blessing will go to whoever receives each piece. Every sale I make a portion goes towards organizations helping women and children escape sex trafficking, a cause that God has laid heavily on my heart (read more about this here).


Every day I wake up feeling so blessed to do this work and meet so many creative and wonderful people along the way.

Recognition & Achievements

Established August 2017

Completed first paper series, "Christmas Advent Calendar" December 2017

Participated in "Meet The Maker" March 2018

Art Market, Foam Lake Saskatchewan July 2018 

Art Market, Foam Lake Saskatchewan August 2018 

Published First Collection, "Creation Sings" January 2019

Featured on YMI Today, "The Art of Worship" March 2019

Featured on YMI Today, "The Art of Worship" March 2019

Hosted by Kennedy's Parable, May 2019

Market Day at Kennedy's Parable, July 2019

Published "The Breath of God" Collection April 2020

Completed "Sunnier Days Are Up Ahead" paper series May 2020